Hello I'm Ira Sahira. 22~ y/o 

So after months of contemplating to work on something that I would enjoy the most ~ writing, I finally publish my own blog.

I'm really an avid dreamer type of person. I would like to find myself in different stories, different backgrounds with different roleplays.

And so, with this, I want to share my stories, my kind of background with my small trajectory roles. 

So kind of things you will find on this blog are lifestyle, students' lifestyle as well as mental health issues that I had spared myself for a long time. 

I also love bullet journalling, so there'll be a gallery blossoming every now and then.

And yes, there will be also books reviews, especially with my favorite genre; forensic, crime psychology thriller. Literally, a hard die fan right here. 

So, that's all. I highly welcome any different opinion comes by becuz i love them so much.

Thanks for stopping by!