Hello everyone!

So what's bullet journal?

It's a type of personal organization method introduced by Ryder Carroll which involves bullet points, tracking date system, to-do-lists, brain dump sections and etc. The dynamic and flexible features that have had people falling in love and calling it especially as Bujo.

For myself, I have been journaling for over two years somehow inspired my post today.


1. Getting organized

Lots of assignments? Big projects with mock quizzes coming aboard?

Ugh, that’s pretty much handful, and ended up feeling overwhelmed with desperation to get it started and which to begin with.

Those red tag tasks awaiting are just like mocking us, gauging us in every possibility whether we capable to commit or surrender to it. Wonder how busy people get used to living their life without feeling overwhelmed or any close to it?

I have dealt with this phase a couple of times when I struggle to find myself a good quality study time with multiple assignments and home chores in hand plus the online classes that I have to keep alert with all the time. It’s energy-draining. To have chaos going on, it just doesn’t work. I’m not happy with everything that happens surround me. So I started to think by getting organized and being organized in my lifestyle would somehow becoming the key resolution to all these. I’m the type of person that like to jot down everything I explore and, by doing that I started to digest every beautiful quote I love that will surely get you feeling the same.

Being organized isn’t about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person. It’s about living the way you want to live, but better...~ADREW MELLEN
Some wise being organized my system, and gave me my capacity, put into my heart and brain something that delights, charms, and fills me with rapture at the sound of sweet music. ~ Brigham Young
Some people like to stay busy and by getting organized has been making their dull busy life feels even more charming~ Ira Sahira

I started with my own creative way~ with bullet journaling (Bujo).

With Bujo, you can create a planner or schedule with your own version by filling in all the important tasks, due dates, and goals. At the same time, you can be creative with whatever pattern or shape you like to create your schedule which is a fun way to get organized. It’s nothing so rigid and improper. It’s a colorful expressive way for you to witness there’s a more meaningful life to it than a typical dull busy life.

2. Getting creative

There’s more fun with getting creative with this Bujo. Simply put, creativity is about something that’s fresh and valuable that you can be artsy or sappy poetic with it. It involves generating new ideas, a new resolution to the problems with new goals, and new strategies. With that being said, it’s like an inner motion coming from yourself, from the way you think and act to instill and transform those ideas into a hope. A hope that your life will get better from all ruckus or messy life befalls. A hope that you will get these things back to normal, back in a good spot. A hope that you will score good academic performance. Yeay!!!

3. Writing to heal

As I mentioned this one line in point no.2; that we get to see hope … It clicked to me whether I was being sardonic with my life right now, right this moment? Am I being pathetic with myself?

But my heart still aches… and as I started journaling with this Bujo, I began to see the positive light out of it. I am not being pathetic. This is never a sign of weakness at all. I get to explore myself, my introvertive personality, my likes, and dislikes through journaling.

This is one of many reasons that I am highly confident to convince you to journaling. Because through journaling, you able to explore your thoughts, your feelings, emotions through the written words which can essentially leave you somehow with inner peace. The inner peace of self-awareness and compassion. The inner peace of you that you begin to see yourself clearly with clarity. You begin to embrace yourself instead of having some self-destructive thoughts. You begin to love yourself.

4. Gratitude

With journaling, you get to have a special me time at such a personal level as the words forming on the pages as your heart tells. Why I am saying this? Gratitude speaks stunningly for an expression of thankfulness, for one’s kindness with a willingness to repay them which we are so familiar within our everyday life. An act of kindness toward others with gratitude at interpersonal level. But alas, we are so busy living our lives and have somehow condoned the importance of intrapersonal gratitude which is being grateful to you. I have been deeply impacted by this with the emotional sentiment as I jot down;

- That I am grateful for a morning with such a breathtaking panoramic view of the sun up the horizon basking the baby orange clouds.

- That I am grateful for a small loving family I spent time with.

- That I am grateful for my busy routine as I scheduled the time for study and blogging.

- And I am grateful for keeping my good habits.

It was in fact, a gratitude wake-up call for me and I hope the same goes for you as well.

5. Self-discipline

The act of self-discipline can be effectively practiced with Bujo as you made records of what you plan, strategies, and goals of the day or the week. Everything that you want is clearly written in your Bujo making it a soft reminder and a new mindset for a refreshing start of the day! And you won’t let yourself down!

For my part, I‘ve been practicing this quite religiously and by jotting everything down, it happens like it gets cemented in your mind, keeping you alert and motivated to keep moving while you stumbled a bit in between.

6. Gallery of memories

Some people like to keep memories; from the most glorifying to bittersweet moments. By making a special segment of memories in your Bujo, it looks as if you installed your own gallery within the pages for a beautiful keepsake.

I really enjoy this part, when the pages I skimmed through in the midst of raining outside, closing my eyes to reminisce those moments. It's a beautiful moment indeed.

SO that's all a bit of everything I love to share with the readers. Hope you enjoy my writings.

Thank you, a lot, for reading! Hope you are having a good time here! See you soon 😊 I’m so pumped up with this blogging thing.

Love to know what are your thoughts on this part.

Appreciate a lot for comments <3

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